Food and Fund Drive Registration

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  • 1 can = 1 pound
  • $1 = 3 meals
  • Supplies Needed

  • How many boxes will you need? We can provide individual boxes as well as bundles that have 25 boxes. 1 box can hold 15-20 pounds
  • 30in x 54in
  • Delivery/Pick-Up

    When your food drive is finished, we kindly ask that you arrange a volunteer or group of volunteers to bring your food donation to Second Harvest. This keeps our transportation costs down and is another way you can help Second Harvest. Saving us a pickup trip is equivalent to making an additional donation! You can deliver your food & fund collections to our New Orleans facility Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm, and Saturdays between 9am and noon. Food deliveries and supply pickups at our Lafayette facility can be made Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm.
  • If you collect more than 750LBS of food, please call or email Michelle Rosamond to schedule a pick-up - or 504-729-28. Pick-ups occur between the hours of 8am-2pm, Monday through Friday. We will try to meet your pickup date, but we cannot guarantee a specific pickup date/time due to limited resources. Please note: If you have requested a pickup, please make sure all donations are on the first floor so our drivers can have easy access to the pick-up.
  • Eg. deliver to the loading dock, check in with front office

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