Food Industry Partnerships

Product donated by our food industry partners is essential to how Second Harvest Food Bank serves those in need. While food drives and individual giving are extremely valuable, large scale food donations are critical to meet the growing needs of the increasing number of people relying on food assistance in South Louisiana.

How to Donate

Contact us:  Contact our Food Sourcing Team to discuss your donation. We will help coordinate a drop-off of pick-up of your donation. Email Food Sourcing Manager Megan Nuismer at or call 504-729-6338.

 What Types of Products can be Donated?

Close-to-code Frozen goods
Produce Dry goods
Mislabeled product Production overruns
Canned goods Private-label product
Ingredients & raw materials Perishable goods
Promotional items Household cleaning product
Bulk items Frozen goods
Seasonal items Beverage



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