Our response so far to Hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta, and how you can help

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Back-to-back hurricanes in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is the worst-case scenario we dreaded this year. For so many of our neighbors who are facing unemployment caused by the pandemic, preparing for and recovering from a devastating hurricane is even more difficult.  Responding to these major emergencies has been challenging, but our staff and volunteers have done amazing work to get people the help they need.

Over the span of two months, three hurricanes have left hundreds of thousands of children, families, and seniors in South Louisiana without food, water, power, or shelter. Thanks to supporters like you, Second Harvest can deliver critical supplies into the hardest-hit communities. These families face the challenges of rebuilding in the middle of the biggest pandemic to impact this country in 100 years. 

In Southwest Louisiana, Second Harvest has already provided more than 3 million meals, including tens of thousands of prepared meals in our Community Kitchen, to people impacted by the storms.  And we are prepared to respond to the extraordinary needs as residents rebuild over the long months ahead.  Second Harvest is now activating our response in Southeast Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta.

Thank you for providing hope to our neighbors in need during this difficult time. 


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