Hurricane Ida: Message from Natalie, Friday 08-27

Second Harvest Team Members:

As we know, Ida will impact our service area as a major hurricane.  We could see tropical storm force winds Saturday night or Sunday morning.  At this point Ida is forecast to likely make landfall around Morgan City Sunday night.  Hopefully this storm will move fast and will be out of our area by Monday afternoon. And please remember these forecasts are subject to change; emergency planners say we should always prepare for a storm to possibly make landfall a full category stronger than anticipated.

Most importantly, prepare this weekend to safeguard yourselves and your families.  See your supervisors about the possibility of leaving early today.

As you know, we will respond to this disaster, like the others we have responded to, as soon as it is safe to operate our trucks.  At this point, be prepared to come to work at 12 noon on  Monday.  However, it is critical that you watch you phones and computers over the weekend.  If conditions necessitate it, such as we are still experiencing tropical storm force winds  at midday Monday. we will adjust and notify you.  We may also have work that we have to do prior to the storm making landfall.  Please remember, we are first responders and people depend on us to be there for them.  Again, please see your supervisors if you have special circumstances and we will do what we can to help you.

As you do your emergency supplies shopping, please check for batteries for your phone/computer.  We are likely to have power outages.

If you feel that you may need a placard to allow you access to the roads during storm response, please see Mamie Jackson or Paul Scelfo.  We have a few available.

As a team, we are truly one of the best at supporting our communities during disasters.  Thank you in advance for having the same phenomenal response to this storm.

Again, please do all you can to make sure that you and your families are safe.



Natalie Jayroe

President and CEO

Second Harvest Food Bank

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