Thank you for helping Miss Doris make ends meet

Eighty-six year-old Doris Williams receives groceries from Second Harvest’s mobile pantry truck once a month at Little Zion Baptist Church in New Orleans.

“It truly is a blessing, and I thank God and everyone who makes this food possible,” she told us.

Since Ms. Williams retired from her job as a telephone operator in 1992, she has lived on a small pension and a social security check. Miss Doris lives alone and doesn’t have any family nearby who can help. “It’s hard some months, but this food makes it so much easier for people like me who are on a fixed income.”

The mobile pantry at Little Zion distributes more than 12,000 pounds of fresh produce and other meals every month to local residents like Ms. Williams. Second Harvest Program Coordinator Charles Pierre says it has become an essential asset in the lives of many local residents like Ms. Williams.

“Many of these folks are retired, and while their limited income during retirement is fixed, the cost of food has steadily risen over the years,” Pierre said. “Giving them enough food for a couple of weeks makes a huge difference in so many ways. It means they will have enough to eat, but can also handle other choices, like buying medicine and paying utility bills.”

Thank you for helping seniors like Ms. Williams make ends meet every month.

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