THANK YOU for helping Seniors in need

Ms. Geraldine Bickham is no stranger to hard work.

“I worked my whole life, from the Southdown Sugar Mill, to working in restaurants, and cleaning houses on my hands and knees,” the 79-year-old Houma resident told us.

Now, after a lifetime of work, she relies on a limited income from Social Security to get by every month.

“I have to make everything happen from that one check. It’s very tough some months.”

Ms. Bickham says that’s why she’s so thankful for the Plymouth Rock Baptist Church food pantry, one of hundreds of community partners supported by Second Harvest.

“I always did what I had to do to feed my family,” she said. “Now, I feel so blessed that someone is helping people like this, helping me get by.”

Louisiana leads the nation in seniors who are hungry. “One in four seniors in our state is at risk of hunger,” says Second Harvest Chief Impact Officer Melanie McGuire.

“Many of them find it hard to turn to a food pantry after providing for themselves and others for decades. But that’s why we’re here, and our community partners like Plymouth Rock are so good at making them feel welcome.”

Thank you for helping Ms. Bickham and thousands of other seniors served by Second Harvest partner food pantries and soup kitchens across South Louisiana.

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