Volunteering to honor the memory of his son

The incredible work of our volunteers makes our mission possible.  One of those thousands of volunteers is Mr. Dale Dunlap, who is now in his third year of volunteering with Second Harvest.

“Three years ago, I was looking for a volunteer opportunity, and my neighbor’s daughter said how much she enjoyed Second Harvest. So I came in the next day, and fell in love with it. I’ve been coming back several days a week ever since.”

Mr. Dunlap helps prepare nutritious meals in our Community Kitchen for programs that feed local children and seniors. And he is also dedicated to helping children in other ways, and is well on his way to donating his 200th pint of blood platelets. Children undergoing cancer treatments such as bone marrow transplants require platelets to continue their fight.

Having lost a son to cancer in 1991, he says donating his time to help children and others in so many ways helps honor the memory of his son.

“I really enjoy everything I do at Second Harvest, from the meals, to washing pots and pans, to taking out the trash. When I look up at the kitchen signs that show how many thousands of children we’ve helped, it just makes you feel good.”

He is also one of many veterans who donate their time to our mission.

“I was in the Marines from 1967 to 1988. I recently found out that another gentleman who volunteers in the kitchen was in Vietnam the same time as me, and we were deployed not far from each other at the same time apart. Small world,” he said with a laugh.

Our deepest thanks go out to Mr. Dunlap and the thousands of supporters who donate their time and efforts to our mission to fight hunger in South Louisiana.

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