Harvest Wholesale

Harvest Wholesale Product List and Price Comparisons

Are you tired of hunting down the best deals when purchasing items for your pantry or programs? Let Second Harvest handle your purchases for you!

Click HERE for the very latest product and price list. 

  • Ordering is easy through Agency Express
  • No additional fees- just pay for the product you order
  • Net 30 day billing on all Harvest Wholesale orders
  • Orders will be included in your regular product delivery- no additional delivery fee
  • Price comparisons are researched weekly; sometimes our prices are lower, sometimes not. If you find an item at a better price, let us know! We can work with our vendors to secure the most competitive pricing available.
  • Not seeing an item you would like to offer your clients? Let us know! It is our goal to provide a consistent variety of products.
  • To receive email updates with price comparisons, availability and new items, please contact Megan Nuismer, Food Sourcing Specialist at mnuismer@secondharvest.org.

Please note: Not all items are available in the same pack size/quantities at all retailers. We have identified items of similar size/quantity and offered the price per unit for comparison

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