Miss Elaine thanks you for your support

Since the emergency lockdown of our communities began in March, hundreds of thousands of our South Louisiana neighbors suddenly found themselves in need of food assistance, often for the very first time.

Miss Elaine is 66 and lives in Metairie. We met Miss Elaine at one of the hundreds of emergency food distributions our staff and volunteers have held across our service area. She told us she found herself suddenly facing a food shortage in her household, at a time when she was going through personal financial struggles.

“I lost my home in Katrina and have been in an apartment since, and rents keep going up. When the virus hit, I was in the middle of moving to a smaller place on the Westbank.”

Countless times since March, and throughout the year, we hear so many echo Miss Elaine’s words: “I never thought I’d need to visit a food pantry. But God is Good, and we will all get through this. Thank you for this Blessing.”

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