Mr. Jim Boulet – An inspiring example to us all….

Second Harvest and South Louisiana recently lost a close friend, an incredibly generous man who spent his waking hours dedicated to helping others. Mr. Jim Boulet passed recently at the age of 90, after spending nearly a decade growing food to help feed others. In 2012 at the age of 81, Mr. Boulet decided to plow up 30 acres of his Lafourche Parish crawfish ponds and switch to growing produce for Second Harvest Food Bank. Over the years to follow, he spent several hours nearly every day tending to the land—planting, growing, and harvesting hundreds of thousands of pounds of vegetables to help feed people in need.

“I felt it was something I could do to give back, because I’ve been so blessed in my life,” he told us. “It makes me feel good, and we love the volunteer groups that come help us pick the vegetables.”

Second Harvest Food Sourcing Manager, Emily Slazer, says his contributions went far beyond the countless meals he put on tables. “Mr. Boulet simply lived to help others in his community and across South Louisiana. He was an inspiration to anyone who met him, and worked tirelessly to find more ways to help.” We are saddened at the passing of Mr. Boulet, but are so thankful to have known such a kind, generous soul.

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