Meet some of our frontline heroes

Second Harvest staff, along with dozens of National Guard members and thousands of volunteers, have been putting
in heroic efforts to meet the unprecedented need this year. We would like to share some words from just a few of the
individuals who are putting your donations into action.

Deon Lee, Driver: “I’m humbled and thankful to be able to help so many people right now. It’s especially tough to see so many children and seniors in need of food.”

Jackie Smith, Volunteer: “My friends in the Community Kitchen make it a joy to serve at Second Harvest. I very much look forward to coming in several times a week.”

Anna & Lisa, National Guard Privates First Class: “We love being able to make a difference and have seen the impact in the community over the last year.”

Mike McGuire, Community Kitchen Sous Chef: “I’m blown away by the number of people who have needed help for the first time during this crisis. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible.”

Brenda Pourciau, Program Coordinator: “To be able to reach even one extra person who needs food means so much. We see a lot of tears and smiles from people just needing a hand.”

Frank Mikell, Facilities Coordinator: “This is my 11th year with Second Harvest. I’m always amazed at the work our staff and volunteers make possible.”

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