Nearly a year ago, Second Harvest began responding

“This food is a blessing, a blessing from above.”

Nearly a year ago, Second Harvest began responding to the alarming increase in food insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen a record number of first-time visitors at pantries and food distributions and we expect this to continue in 2021 and until our economy recovers.

Second Harvest receptionist Victoria Cordero is usually the first person people see when they enter our Jefferson Parish facility. “People are apprehensive, and sometimes even a little embarrassed, to ask for help for the first time,” she said. “But we tell them, ‘No, please come in, everything here was donated to Second Harvest as a gift of love, for people just like you.’”

Seventy-year-old Gerald H. of Bridge City is one of the thousands of South Louisiana residents who came to emergency food distributions over the last year. He found himself reaching out for help when his part-time jobs dried up. “I’m retired, but I was always able to pick up extra work to help with bills and medicine,” Gerald told us. “This food is a blessing, a blessing from above. God won’t lay more on his people than they can bear.”

At Second Harvest’s Lafayette facility, Debra M. waited in a long time outside before coming in. “We are basically living out of our car. But we’ve never had to ask for help, this was so hard, but thank you so much for being here. Everyone made me feel so welcome, I just wanted to cry.”

Thanks to the many support, Second Harvest staff and volunteers have been able to help these thousands of neighbors in need who never thought they’d have to ask for help with food. Their gift is continues to help thousands in line for food for the first time…

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