Preparing for the Hurricane Season

President’s Message: Preparing for the next disaster

In addition to responding to the everyday disaster of hunger, Second Harvest prepares year-round to respond to other emergencies impacting our communities. As we head into hurricane season, our staff and volunteers are more prepared than ever to respond to any disaster impacting South Louisiana.

Thanks to a decade-long partnership with Abbott Labs, Second Harvest volunteers recently packed 1,000 boxes with Pedialyte, Zone nutrition bars, and Ensure. These boxes will be on standby at our Jefferson Parish facility for use in the immediate aftermath of any natural or man-made disaster to strike South Louisiana. Additionally, we have on hand tens of thousands of pounds of bottled water, cleaning supplies, and other items that can be immediately distributed following any disaster.

In addition to responding to hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes impacting Louisiana, our staff has also lent their expertise in disaster response with food banks in other states. Our employees traveled to Panama City following Hurricane Michael and to the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence, helping with distribution, logistics, and communication. Following Hurricane Katrina and other storms, South Louisiana received a tremendous amount of support and aid from Feeding America food banks across the country. We’re honored to have the chance to return the favor.

As the saying goes, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We regularly brief our staff on our disaster response plan, and work with other governmental and nonprofit agencies in planning any response. I’ve reminded our team that Hurricane Michael went from a tropical disturbance to a category-5 monster in less than three days. Even as we fight the everyday disaster of hunger, Second Harvest remains prepared year-round to assist anyone impacted by a disaster

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