Thanks to you, we can help people like Miss Pearl

Your generous support for Second Harvest is helping thousands of senior citizens make ends meet.  Miss Pearl is just one person who recently shared her story with us.  After working her entire life, she said it’s difficult to need help from a food pantry, but she feels fortunate to live in a community where neighbors take care of one another.

Miss Pearl’s husband was a veteran, and the two of them spent their lives farming in Acadiana.  “All our life, we farmed rice and soybeans and invested in land,” Miss Pearl said. “But when my husband got sick, we had to sell off the property and savings to try and treat his condition. But I still have social security and a little check from the VA.”

Her husband passed away 11 years ago and she lives alone.  Her daughter-in-law lives nearby and checks in on her regularly.

The food she gets at the church pantry is great.  “They are wonderful people, I’ve known them all for years,” she said.  “I was raised in this area.  I am in good health and self-sufficient, but I do need a little help with groceries some time.”

Miss Pearl is on a limited income.  She said, “This food frees up funds for utilities and other things.  You have to live within your means, and when you get my age, you just want enough to eat and be comfortable.  I’m very blessed. I have some good neighbors and we all look out for each other.”

She wants to thank all of the people who have donated food and funds to Second Harvest.  She said, “I think it’s a real blessing for this community, we’re very fortunate to have this pantry. I don’t know anyone else that does this much for our community.”

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