Your gift is saving lives

We met Leon (left) and Joe (right) at the New Orleans Mission on Christmas morning. The Mission is one of the hundreds of shelters, pantries, and soup kitchens across South Louisiana supported by Second Harvest.

“I’ve been clean for seven months now,” Leon said.  “This food is a blessing. It’s so much easier to stay on my recovery with hot food in my stomach. The meals here at the Mission help keep me in my new apartment, because that’s money I can spend toward rent and the light bill.”

“This place means so much to so many people,” said Joe.  “I used to eat here every day when I was living on the street. They helped get me in a program to quit drinking. They said eating right is a big part of the recovery.  I’ve moved back in with my brother, and am still working on getting my own place. I still eat here a couple times a week.”

Every day, Second Harvest-supported shelters feed thousands of homeless men and women, people who want nothing more than the normal life that so many of us take for granted.

Thanks to your support, Second Harvest is able to provide more than 1 million pounds of food annually to the New Orleans Mission, helping them provide 3 meals a day to hundreds of people, and operate a food pantry for the community at their Northshore retreat program in Lacombe.

Thank you for making these life-saving programs possible.

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